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IMPORTANT! Searches that require a date range:

  • Name
  • Condo
  • Subdivision
  • Instrument Type

The default date range covers the last 10 years from Today. To search a larger or smaller date range simply change the Start and End dates to your desired values.

Searches that do not require dates:

  • Instrument Number
  • Book Page
  • Case Number

These searches cover the entire Recorded Index by default.

Results are listed from most recently filed record to oldest.

Search Tips

Name Searches

  • Leave out the following symbols in names " & , ! * . "
  • The term "Smith Deb" matches examples "Smith Deborah", "Smith Debbie", "Smith Debbra" but not "Smith Donna"
  • The term "Smith D" would match all of the above and "Smith D " "Smith D K"
  • If you want to find Last name Smith where only the first initial D is indexed try searching for "Smith D " This will exclude results where the indexed first name begins with the letter D and only show results where the first name was indexed as the initial letter D.
  • You can search on First Names and Middle Names but these will return very large result sets. We only recommend using these searches to try and verify a last name and then performing another search once you find the party's full name.
  • The full index contains several million records. A very broad search such as only the last name can return tens of thousands of results. In this scenario we recommend narrowing your search by including additional information or narrowing your date range. Performing many detailed searches will be faster than reading through several hundred pages of results.
  • Documents included in the Official Records have many authors/preparers, therefore when searching it is important to consider possible spelling variations, spacing variations, commonly misspelled variations, abbreviations, nicknames, or substitute names. Multiple queries are suggested to retrieve the most information and account for these variations.
  • If you are uncertain of the spelling of a name you can perform a very broad search for example to find Schmidt and Schmitt search "Schmi". When you find the name you were looking for you can copy it from the results and paste it in the search box to then refine your search.

Case Number Searches

  • Case number formats have changed often over the span of this index.
    The current format is: [Year][CaseTypeCode][Identifier]
  • For modern case numbers like 2000CA000123 the search will accept "00CA123" or "2000CA123" or "2000 ca 123" or "00-ca-123" and so on.
  • If you search for a case number that the search does not recognizes as the modern format it will perform an exact match search. For example: "CA 92-123" or "91-123F"